The Adopted Twins

Being adopted is tough. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you have no idea what its like. Imagine having a twin brother or sister adopted by another family. I can’t put into words what it would be like having an identical brother and sister adopted by a completely different family. The mental

The Journey

One of my favorite movies growing up in middle school was Like Mike, a movie about a young orphan who dreamed of becoming a great basketball player at an orphanage with a bunch of other aspiring basketball kids.  Someday he ends up finding some magic basketball shoes that give him supreme athletic abilities on the

Adopted Babies

Adopting a baby comes with a ton of factors that a birth parent or parents and an adoptive parent or parents must understand when considering adopting a baby child. Adopting a baby in the United States is known as “domestic infant adoption.” Adopting a baby is expensive, and you must be adequately prepared financially to

Life Moves On

First Post Second Post The school year began shortly after, and the vibe in the house started turning from buddy-buddy, to him opening up to turning to me as his support system. I told him that as long as he had schoolwork or was actively learning, he didn’t have to help as much with chores,