The Best Gift Ever

Adopted children are at a clear disadvantage compared to normal children with parents.  Even when they grow older in life it’s tough to understand their side unless you’ve been there.  I’ll never forget times around Christmas and New Years are the saddest for adopted children.  Most kids during Christmas can’t wait for Santa to bring them toys and goodies.  If you live in a orphanage it’s not always as easy as that.  Many children during the holiday season never get to have the privilege of receiving any substantial gifts.  Most of the orphans will go Christmas without gifts.  I remember when I was finally adopted by two loving parents, Christmas time was a lot more fun and rewarding.  It got real old, real quick sharing a room full of other orphans after years.  Getting adopted was the biggest gift I could ever receive.  

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Athletic Orphans

Sports can play a critical role in a young kids life.  When a child is with a mother or father, an orphanage is the first place they go.  The government essentially takes care of the orphans.  It truly is a sad thought to have about young orphans.  It’s never a good thing for kids to grow up in a situation without parents to love and protect them.  Sometimes, if the kid grows up without parents then many bad things may corrupt them.  One of the best activities to get involved in is sports.  Young children regardless of age should have the chance to get out in the world and play sports.  It doesn’t matter what the sport is, whether it’s basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, football, or golf any activity is better than sitting around a tv playing video games.  It’s always a bad habit to get into, when you’re so young and still learning.  When you’re young, your brain is like a sponge that soaks up so much information, that allowing it to divert off the natural way of growing would be terrible.  Even if you’re still a young child you want to feel like you’re doing everything you need to do to ensure you have a normal upbringing.  

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