Adopted Babies


Adopting a baby comes with a ton of factors that a birth parent or parents and an adoptive parent or parents must understand when considering adopting a baby child.

Adopting a baby in the United States is known as “domestic infant adoption.” Adopting a baby is expensive, and you must be adequately prepared financially to be able to afford the cost of diapers, baby food, and all the other additional products that you will need when adding a baby to your family.

Some families choose to adopt a baby because of problems trying to have a baby of their own. After dealing with the possible grief of the dream of being able to conceive and birth your own child, open yourself up to the absolute happiness that knowing you are changing a child’s life by giving it the parents that it never would have had.

Adopting a baby may or may not come with the possibility of having an open adoption. An open adoption is one that the birth mother, or father, or both have the chance to be somewhat involved in the child’s life growing up and the child will learn that he has more parents and more love than most kids ever get to experience. Open adoptions can help children understand where they come from and give them a chance to identify who they are and where they come from. Stories help mold a child’s life, and by giving them the chance to learn about their own story and their birth parents’ and their adoptive parents’, it gives them the chance to connect and learn about why they are in the situation they are in.    

In an open adoption, adoptive parents may have concerns about if a birth parent would take back the child knowing where that child is. Once a birth mom gives up her rights to legally parent the child, the adoptive parents are the legal guardians of the child, and they will not lose that right in normal circumstances.

Open adoptions help birth mothers who would not have been able to care for the child be able to be happy for the progress that the child is making in life with the help of the adopted parents and it can help deal with the grief of losing a child.

Really consider the promises that you will be making to the birth parents if you are considering adopting their child. How much do you want the birth mother or father involved in the life of the child, and be sure to honestly stay committed to your promises with your child’s birth parents. An open adoption is like a marriage between two families. It’s important for their to be a healthy relationship between birth family and adoptive family so as to make the child’s upbringing as positive as possible. parents

If you are considering an open adoption, bring in a professional, an agency, or an adoption attorney to help walk both parties through their commitment that they are creating for the betterment of the child. They are tons of reputable adoption agencies who provide counseling and help in raising the child and making the right decisions regarding the future of the children. Adoption agencies have more experience in seeing children raised in adoptive environments, and moving forward with them can really help give some insight into common adoption situations. If you want to keep the adoption more private, an adoption attorney is often the better way to go about it to help pursue only taking legal actions regarding baby adoption.

Nobody is the perfect parent. If you are adopting a baby child for your first time, and you are fretting about not being a natural mother or father, stop! No mother or father is perfect, on the home-life of the child doesn’t have to be perfect for a beneficial environment for the child. You will face shortcomings along the way, just always do your best in raising the child and be happy with the situation that you have been blessed with and take it in stride.


Talk with other parents about adoption, especially those who have experience in raising an adoptive child. Just being able to be on the same page with another person who is in your situation can help you overcome your problems and hold better confidence in your decision makings.

newborn babyIf you are taking a child from birth from the birth mother, be prepared for an emotional day and few days following the child’s birth. Give the birth mother all the support she needs and allow all conversation to be open an honest.

When it’s time to take your newly adopted baby home, congratulations!!!! You are now a parent! This is only the beginning of the road and hopefully you will be able to provide the support and love that an adopted child needs for the rest of their life.


Bonding With Your Children

Developing bonds with your children is incredibly important if you hope your child feels loved and you are able to create an intimate relationship and help give your children the parenting and the love that they need. It doesn’t matter how your child came into your life, whether he be born of your womb, adopted as a baby, toddler, or teenager. If you truly care about the well-being of the children, realize you are the guardians and support system of your child’s life. By helping guide your children’s life, teach them the way of the world through your experiences, ask about their lives, and keep an open conversation with your children every once in awhile.

When I first brought in my adopted son into my apartment, something we frequently did together was work out at the gym together. Doing physically draining activities to better ourselves with one another helped build trust and bonds between us that did nothing but enrich both of our lives. After heavy workouts, we sometimes would hit the swimming pool there as well. Swimming is soothing, what can I say? Read more “Bonding With Your Children”

Adopting a Teenager

Having been familiar with the foster care system for a while, it’s quite sad to realize that the younger children are the more likely kids to be adopted while the older kids and teenagers stay in the system for a period of time. Without a proper support system, and a loving family to help guide them through life, teenage foster kids sometimes will develop behavior problems or psychological and mental issues.

Some children who make it all the way to their teenage years without being adopted have not had the opportunity to learn many social skills and how to be apart of a family atmosphere appropriately. Many children raised in foster care have certainly not learned common family rules and the responsible and acceptable way to behave in a family. It should be expected for it to take some time for a new member of a family to learn the proper way to act in accordance with family values and actions, and they got to learn how to “fit in.”

After reading this story, I started to think up some advice on why children need to feel like a member of an adopted family, and how to progress this relationship

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Life Moves On

First Post

Second Post

The school year began shortly after, and the vibe in the house started turning from buddy-buddy, to him opening up to turning to me as his support system. I told him that as long as he had schoolwork or was actively learning, he didn’t have to help as much with chores, and to stay focused on achieving his goals. About a week into the school year after I told him this, he told me got his first job, and he wanted to pay for one of the bills.

During one of his escapades while I was at work, he took a bus to San Francisco to explore. He arrived in the downtown area and started exploring. On a whim, he saw a limo and followed it to where it appeared he had stumbled upon a wedding. When the group in the limo exited, he saw someone taking pictures, and approached the photographer. The boy is full of surprises, and he earned himself a job assisting a San Francisco wedding photographer. His first job was at a wedding at city hall that weekend. He even said I could come!

san francisco wedding photography Read more “Life Moves On”

First Time Providing

sleeping on the couchFirst Post

That first night, he found his spot available on the couch, and jumped right into a deep sleep. We shared a room since my apartment was a studio, and this was the first night in a long time that someone stayed over at my place. I wasn’t exactly in the dating market, at least not being proactive about it. Most of my time was spent working and hanging out with my friends. I considered life to be okay at the time, but as I lay wide awake all night, I wondered how much indeed my life was about to change. Not only that, but I was about to change someone else’s life.

The following morning, I got up really early, and decided that since I was feeding an extra mouth for the time being, I might as well start to pre-make some meals. I learned long ago that time efficiency begins with cutting out some of the unnecessary things in life, and I considered cooking to be quite trivial. I whipped up a dozen sandwiches, put some chicken and asparagus in the oven, and started whipping up some breakfast meals.

doing the dishesTo my surprise, he woke up earlier than I thought, and walked into the kitchen to ask what he should do. Knowing that his help would make the relationship work for me, I had him clean up while I cooked and we could get to know each other while he helped, and then we would eat.
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There Are Children Everywhere

There are tons of children being raised in this world without parents to take care of them. Whether it be from the circumstances of unfit parents, a runaway child, a child in an orphanage, or one in foster care, there are children out there that need proper guidance but in no way are getting the help they need.

My day job consists of providing animal and pest control services throughout the bay area. One of our primary duties is to fumigate homes. Usually, when people request a bed bug exterminator, the house is usually ready for service. A few years back, as I was getting ready to start fumigating, I did a final sweep of the home to make sure there wasn’t anything out of place and everything necessary was vacated. As a checked the final room, I heard a cough come from the closet. I approached it, and to my surprise, there was a teenage boy hiding and trying to sleep in the closet.

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Lost Kids Throughout the World

adopting a childThe creation of life is sometimes not taken seriously by adults even after experiencing the creation and closeness of a mother and child at birth. Same goes for a father and child. While that one day may have been a beautiful and tender moment at one point in someone’s life, after life starts to happen day in and day out, people are given choices to make, and bad opportunities and experiences can cause a change in trajectory in someone’s life, and it a child’s life could begin to be damaged.

When mothers or father do not properly take care of kids, and abuse them physically, psychologically, or even just ignoring and not subjecting themselves to proper parenting, a child’s life becomes damaged.

Many children who have had traumatic experiences in bad home lives, the abandonment of parents, and those who have never had a family can only understand life from the experiences that they have had. And if there were serious experiences that negatively affected their lives, it takes a lot of guidance, help, and love to start to change that.  Read more “Lost Kids Throughout the World”

The Trials of the Unknown

Young children are only capable of understanding things that they have learned in life. The young mind is formed primarily through experience and learning what is comprehensible to them at their young age. When they are told something they do not fully understand, so begins the process of formative thought where a child comes up with their own solutions and answers to the questions and the problems that they face.

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