The Journey

One of my favorite movies growing up in middle school was Like Mike, a movie about a young orphan who dreamed of becoming a great basketball player at an orphanage with a bunch of other aspiring basketball kids.  Someday he ends up finding some magic basketball shoes that give him supreme athletic abilities on the basketball court like no other person.  In the movie the main character, Calvin, is played by Lil Bow Wow, the special eleven year old orphan.  Whenever Calvin wore the special shoes to play basketball he turned into someone else.  Eventually the NBA saw his skills, and teams wanted him.  Not much time passed until he was able to make it on a professional team and play consistently.

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Adopted Brothers

soccer boysWhen I was young I remember there being two brothers that lived down the street.  I would hang out with the two brothers when they came around to playing soccer.  Soccer was a common sport we loved playing, and it’s more fun to play soccer with more people involved.  Playing soccer with one or two people is never truly a fun thing.  Over several months of playing soccer I saw a lot of improvement in my abilities.  My touch, ball control,  defending, passing, finishing, and heading the ball all got better over time.  I guess people are right about perfect practice making perfect.  Nothing seemed weird about the two brothers, they were two totally normal boys.  The two brothers even went to the same public school I went to.  Not only would I play soccer with them at recess, but at home near the parks we would go out for hours and kick the soccer ball around.

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