The Lucky Adopted Ones

If you’ve ever seen movies about adopted kids at orphanages you will know how rough it is.  Not only are young kids neglected and never given fair opportunities, but they never feel the family love most kids experience.  It’s very hard to describe the common love most kids experience in life without living through it.  Most adopted kids rarely find true love in their foster families.  Many foster families have several different adopted children they take care of.  Sometimes the government is paying these foster parents to provide for the children because when you take on multiple kids it may be challenging to be financially strong enough.  Many people know that more kids means more expenses in simple terms.  When you take on more foster kids than you can support the government must step in to help out.

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I have a lot of respect for adults that for whatever reason decide to take on multiple foster children. Some adults bring kids into their families for various different reasons, but the most common is having the chance to love and have children.  Some gay couples decide to adopt, which I think is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes in sad circumstances adults are unable to have children for whatever reason.  Sometimes people have miscarriages or unable to ever get pregnant.  When a woman doesn’t have the ability to become pregnant, adopting babies at the local orphanage is the next best thing.   Read more “The Lucky Adopted Ones”

Missing Caroline

Growing up adopted was never easy.  I remember days when I felt lost as a child.  I would always wonder where my real parents were and what they were doing.  I never even had the chance to see them in person.  Growing up with my younger sister could have been better.  We both were split up into two separate foster care families.  I rarely saw her.  There would be times when wish I could just talk to her on the phone, but even that was very challenging to do.  While I lived in Southern California, my sister was in Northern California. Not only has being separated made us stronger, we’ve also been able to fend more for ourselves.  Even though I miss her, now that I’m older I have the ability to at least drive to her.  

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The Adopted Twins

Being adopted is tough. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you have no idea what its like. Imagine having a twin brother or sister adopted by another family. I can’t put into words what it would be like having an identical brother and sister adopted by a completely different family. The mental strain on anyone adopted is truly unfathomable. There are a lot of limitations that come with being adopted, but when you lose your blood sibling to another family it must really hurt. The pain is too much for some people to handle. Not everyone can handle being adopted or taking on new parents in life. Coming from a life of hardships and set backs can really pull a person down hard.

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When I was growing up, I knew a pair of adopted twins that ended up splitting up into different families. I wouldn’t have known that the pair of twins I knew, were going to turn out the way they did. I will go into detail about each one in a minute. Never would I think one would overdose on drugs and the other build a successful plumbing company. It just goes to show how life will throw twists and turns at you out of no where.

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