Adopted Brothers

soccer boysWhen I was young I remember there being two brothers that lived down the street.  I would hang out with the two brothers when they came around to playing soccer.  Soccer was a common sport we loved playing, and it’s more fun to play soccer with more people involved.  Playing soccer with one or two people is never truly a fun thing.  Over several months of playing soccer I saw a lot of improvement in my abilities.  My touch, ball control,  defending, passing, finishing, and heading the ball all got better over time.  I guess people are right about perfect practice making perfect.  Nothing seemed weird about the two brothers, they were two totally normal boys.  The two brothers even went to the same public school I went to.  Not only would I play soccer with them at recess, but at home near the parks we would go out for hours and kick the soccer ball around.

I’ll never forget one time I was alone with the brothers, and for some reason they decided to open up to me about their lives.  They ended up revealing to me that they were adopted at birth because there biological parents were unfit to raise kids in California.  I found out their parents were meth addicts and didn’t have a job to even support themselves in the first place.  If the state of California finds that you are unfit to raise kids,  then the children will be sent to an orphanage to be taken care of.  As orphans the children are fed, clothed, and schooled until they turn of legal adult age, which is eighteen years old.  For Fred and Jake that wasn’t the case.  You can say the two brothers were lucky in having the opportunity to get adopted parents at the young age of five years old.  If the boys weren’t adopted by my neighbors I probably wouldn’t have ever met them in the first place.  A large part of my growth as a soccer player was because of them.  If I didn’t have two like-minded neighbors that played the game I loved I would never be as good today.

soccer brothersYou never know where people come from and what their story is.  I would have never guessed Fred and Jake were adopted, they never made it seem like a big deal.  I do remember asking myself why their parents were so much older than other parents, but when they reveled they were adopted it clicked and made sense.  Most of the time, their parents never came outside and would stay inside most of the week.  Occasionally I would see their father or mother walk the dog around the neighborhood, but that was rare to see.


soccer aloneWhen high school came around, both Fred and Jake took different paths than me.  I stuck to playing soccer all the time, while Fred and Jake decided to spend time with kids doing nothing in life.  Eventually, their lives became consumed with drugs and alcohol.  It’s sad looking back seeing two great kids get pulled into the drug scene of high school.  Many times, kids will get addicted at a young age and it is very difficult to overcome because it is like a disease.  Diseases are challenging to beat.  It certainly didn’t help from the start how their biological parents were addicted to meth and other bad drugs. Perhaps that sensitivity to addiction is something that was passed down to them through their genes.


It takes a very mature kid at a young age to be able to separate themselves from everything bad in life.  If you follow the crowd and sheep of the world then you will become apart of them.  It takes a lot of self-discipline to be able control addictive tendencies in life.  Being adopted is a very life challenging  thing to overcome, but if you have the right outlet, soccer, working out, therapy, anything is possible to achieve in life.  When I graduated high school I later attended the local junior college, while my neighbors, Fred and Jake were nowhere to be found at all.

Adopted children, and children raised by their biological families all have the possibility of going down the wrong paths. Parental guardians have the duty to step in and help guide children of all types.