Adopting A Little Puppy Into Our Family

I was eagerly waiting for a small puppy to maintain cheerfulness in my family; however when I began every sort of investigation, it was revealed to me that embracing a puppy can be rather challenging. Hitting upon the ideal miniature four legged addition to my family had now become imperative, with quite a few things to think about. Also, I had to ensure if the puppy I would prefer was the suitable one for me and my specific state of affairs.

boxer puppy

Although one may be sure that each and every one puppy seems adorable and skips harmlessly around the backyard or recreational area yet one has to take many things into consideration such as potty instructions, performance exercise, and individual time. Read more “Adopting A Little Puppy Into Our Family”

From Adoption to Success

There may not be very many stories of failures that succeeded in life, but nothing compares to the story of one of my childhood friends. When I was growing up I knew a kid named Steven. Steven was adopted, and had so many hardships and obstacles pulling down early in his life. For most people, they wouldn’t succeed in his circumstances. His parents were drug addicts in prison, his sister had died from a car crash, and Steven was left to die in the streets. Steven had all the odds stacked up against him. When your in that type of situation life becomes a roller coaster of emotions. A small percentage of people could ever get out of those life circumstances.

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Adopting Children

When I think about the hardships people have to go through to adopt a new child, it saddens me. It isn’t easy having children, there are many duties and responsibilities associated with being a parent. When you take ownership of a child, your life must be in place before you can help another child grow. It is disheartening to hear of stories of people who adopted children, when they never were in a position to do so, and the kid’s life ends up becoming a mess. When children are young, having a safe environment is whats most crucial. A child should never have to worry about where his next meal will come from or being killed for some random reason.

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Orphan Families

One of my favorite movies growing up in middle school was Like Mike, a movie about a young orphan who dreamed of becoming a great basketball player at an orphanage with a bunch of other aspiring basketball kids.  Someday he ends up finding some magic basketball shoes that give him supreme athletic abilities on the basketball court like no other person.  In the movie the main character, Calvin, is played by lil bow wow, the special eleven year old orphan.  Whenever Calvin wore the special shoes to play basketball he turned into someone else.  Eventually the NBA saw his skills, and teams wanted him.  Not much time passed until he was able to make it on a professional team and play consistently.


Being an orphan was a blessing in the sky for him in the story.  The movie of course was a huge exaggeration that would never be real, but it certainly was entertaining.  Towards the end of the movie when all the kids are getting adopted parents, Calvin gets adopted by one of his teammates from the movie.  The movie showed an amazing story and journey of orphans to finding loving, adopting parents.


Many of the kids I know that were adopted, were adopted when they were young of age like two or three.  In the movie many of the kids were adopted later on in their teens or pre teens, which in my opinion is worse than getting adopted when you’re a baby or young child.  In most cases kids can’t help being born into terrible living situations, it’s never a good idea to judge other people because you never know where they’ve been.  Some kids will live there whole lives not knowing they were adopted until they’re older or even adults.  What most adopted kids want and need is affection from parents.  Many of the adopted kids turn down wrong paths because they are never given the proper attention and care.  When adopted kids that need love and attention don’t receive what they need, they start to resort to other activities.  In society it sad to see such good kids turn dark when the wrong distractions get in there way.


I have a younger cousin who was adopted in the family at the age of 12.  It was very hard for her to adjust to the family, because not only was she born and raised in another country but English was not her first language.  It is hard for kids to adapt and change their language.  To learn English it takes years of speaking, watching, and listening to other people talk.  When you come from Laos where there is little to no English spoken it makes life a lot harder.  My family is Mexican, so when a girl from Laos is in the family it can cause a lot of unwanted confusion.  Whenever we would go in public or to events people would stare.  Strangers didn’t have to say anything, because staring alone said it all.  When we were middle school, kids would pick on her because of her accent and speech impediment.  When you’re growing up in your teens, kids can be brutal and have no filter.  I was honestly always so impressed at the level of self control and respect she had despite getting bullied a lot.  


When high school came around, Kari never took a step back to kids.  If anyone insulted or tried to pick on her, she had the confidence to stand anyone up.  It didn’t matter if you were the biggest, meanest person Kari always had the ability to defend herself as should got older.  When you’re in highschool you’re still an immature adult, but despite the setbacks Kari had at a young age she still was able to remain strong.  Sports was Kari’s thing all throughout high school.  She eventually became one of the best basketball players in the delta league during her senior year.  Graduating from high school in California would define who Kari was.  Never again will Laney high school see a better story and basketball player than Kari.  


After high school Kari was recruited by some of the biggest basketball schools on the west coast.  UCLA, Stanford, USC, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona were just a couple of the many schools seeking Kari’s talents.  She later chose to attend and play at Stanford.  The level of excellence in education and basketball program were enough to influence her to commit.  When Kari put her feet on Stanford’s campus I’ll never forget her reaction.  Kari was completely in awe of how beautiful yet comfortable the campus felt.  Pursuing a degree in biology worked out well in the end.  After playing four years of basketball at Stanford, she eventually went on to become a heart surgeon.  Not only did her basketball career at Stanford help, but her classroom work paid off in the end.  Not too long ago do I remember first meeting this shy, timid girl from Laos that we brought in the family.  Now that girl is one of the most successful heart surgeons on the west coast, and I’m proud to call her my cousin.  

The Lucky Adopted Ones

If you’ve ever seen movies about adopted kids at orphanages you will know how rough it is.  Not only are young kids neglected and never given fair opportunities, but they never feel the family love most kids experience.  It’s very hard to describe the common love most kids experience in life without living through it.  Most adopted kids rarely find true love in their foster families.  Many foster families have several different adopted children they take care of.  Sometimes the government is paying these foster parents to provide for the children because when you take on multiple kids it may be challenging to be financially strong enough.  Many people know that more kids means more expenses in simple terms.  When you take on more foster kids than you can support the government must step in to help out.

young orphans old time movie

I have a lot of respect for adults that for whatever reason decide to take on multiple foster children. Some adults bring kids into their families for various different reasons, but the most common is having the chance to love and have children.  Some gay couples decide to adopt, which I think is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes in sad circumstances adults are unable to have children for whatever reason.  Sometimes people have miscarriages or unable to ever get pregnant.  When a woman doesn’t have the ability to become pregnant, adopting babies at the local orphanage is the next best thing.   Read more “The Lucky Adopted Ones”

Missing Caroline

Growing up adopted was never easy.  I remember days when I felt lost as a child.  I would always wonder where my real parents were and what they were doing.  I never even had the chance to see them in person.  Growing up with my younger sister could have been better.  We both were split up into two separate foster care families.  I rarely saw her.  There would be times when wish I could just talk to her on the phone, but even that was very challenging to do.  While I lived in Southern California, my sister was in Northern California. Not only has being separated made us stronger, we’ve also been able to fend more for ourselves.  Even though I miss her, now that I’m older I have the ability to at least drive to her.  

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The Adopted Twins

Being adopted is tough. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you have no idea what its like. Imagine having a twin brother or sister adopted by another family. I can’t put into words what it would be like having an identical brother and sister adopted by a completely different family. The mental strain on anyone adopted is truly unfathomable. There are a lot of limitations that come with being adopted, but when you lose your blood sibling to another family it must really hurt. The pain is too much for some people to handle. Not everyone can handle being adopted or taking on new parents in life. Coming from a life of hardships and set backs can really pull a person down hard.

twin brothers adoption tragedy

When I was growing up, I knew a pair of adopted twins that ended up splitting up into different families. I wouldn’t have known that the pair of twins I knew, were going to turn out the way they did. I will go into detail about each one in a minute. Never would I think one would overdose on drugs and the other build a successful plumbing company. It just goes to show how life will throw twists and turns at you out of no where.

twin brother plumbing professional

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The Journey

One of my favorite movies growing up in middle school was Like Mike, a movie about a young orphan who dreamed of becoming a great basketball player at an orphanage with a bunch of other aspiring basketball kids.  Someday he ends up finding some magic basketball shoes that give him supreme athletic abilities on the basketball court like no other person.  In the movie the main character, Calvin, is played by Lil Bow Wow, the special eleven year old orphan.  Whenever Calvin wore the special shoes to play basketball he turned into someone else.  Eventually the NBA saw his skills, and teams wanted him.  Not much time passed until he was able to make it on a professional team and play consistently.

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Adopted Brothers

soccer boysWhen I was young I remember there being two brothers that lived down the street.  I would hang out with the two brothers when they came around to playing soccer.  Soccer was a common sport we loved playing, and it’s more fun to play soccer with more people involved.  Playing soccer with one or two people is never truly a fun thing.  Over several months of playing soccer I saw a lot of improvement in my abilities.  My touch, ball control,  defending, passing, finishing, and heading the ball all got better over time.  I guess people are right about perfect practice making perfect.  Nothing seemed weird about the two brothers, they were two totally normal boys.  The two brothers even went to the same public school I went to.  Not only would I play soccer with them at recess, but at home near the parks we would go out for hours and kick the soccer ball around.

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Adopted Babies


Adopting a baby comes with a ton of factors that a birth parent or parents and an adoptive parent or parents must understand when considering adopting a baby child.

Adopting a baby in the United States is known as “domestic infant adoption.” Adopting a baby is expensive, and you must be adequately prepared financially to be able to afford the cost of diapers, baby food, and all the other additional products that you will need when adding a baby to your family.

Some families choose to adopt a baby because of problems trying to have a baby of their own. After dealing with the possible grief of the dream of being able to conceive and birth your own child, open yourself up to the absolute happiness that knowing you are changing a child’s life by giving it the parents that it never would have had.

Adopting a baby may or may not come with the possibility of having an open adoption. An open adoption is one that the birth mother, or father, or both have the chance to be somewhat involved in the child’s life growing up and the child will learn that he has more parents and more love than most kids ever get to experience. Open adoptions can help children understand where they come from and give them a chance to identify who they are and where they come from. Stories help mold a child’s life, and by giving them the chance to learn about their own story and their birth parents’ and their adoptive parents’, it gives them the chance to connect and learn about why they are in the situation they are in.    

In an open adoption, adoptive parents may have concerns about if a birth parent would take back the child knowing where that child is. Once a birth mom gives up her rights to legally parent the child, the adoptive parents are the legal guardians of the child, and they will not lose that right in normal circumstances.

Open adoptions help birth mothers who would not have been able to care for the child be able to be happy for the progress that the child is making in life with the help of the adopted parents and it can help deal with the grief of losing a child.

Really consider the promises that you will be making to the birth parents if you are considering adopting their child. How much do you want the birth mother or father involved in the life of the child, and be sure to honestly stay committed to your promises with your child’s birth parents. An open adoption is like a marriage between two families. It’s important for their to be a healthy relationship between birth family and adoptive family so as to make the child’s upbringing as positive as possible. parents

If you are considering an open adoption, bring in a professional, an agency, or an adoption attorney to help walk both parties through their commitment that they are creating for the betterment of the child. They are tons of reputable adoption agencies who provide counseling and help in raising the child and making the right decisions regarding the future of the children. Adoption agencies have more experience in seeing children raised in adoptive environments, and moving forward with them can really help give some insight into common adoption situations. If you want to keep the adoption more private, an adoption attorney is often the better way to go about it to help pursue only taking legal actions regarding baby adoption.

Nobody is the perfect parent. If you are adopting a baby child for your first time, and you are fretting about not being a natural mother or father, stop! No mother or father is perfect, on the home-life of the child doesn’t have to be perfect for a beneficial environment for the child. You will face shortcomings along the way, just always do your best in raising the child and be happy with the situation that you have been blessed with and take it in stride.


Talk with other parents about adoption, especially those who have experience in raising an adoptive child. Just being able to be on the same page with another person who is in your situation can help you overcome your problems and hold better confidence in your decision makings.

newborn babyIf you are taking a child from birth from the birth mother, be prepared for an emotional day and few days following the child’s birth. Give the birth mother all the support she needs and allow all conversation to be open an honest.

When it’s time to take your newly adopted baby home, congratulations!!!! You are now a parent! This is only the beginning of the road and hopefully you will be able to provide the support and love that an adopted child needs for the rest of their life.