The Best Gift Ever

Adopted children are at a clear disadvantage compared to normal children with parents.  Even when they grow older in life it’s tough to understand their side unless you’ve been there.  I’ll never forget times around Christmas and New Years are the saddest for adopted children.  Most kids during Christmas can’t wait for Santa to bring them toys and goodies.  If you live in a orphanage it’s not always as easy as that.  Many children during the holiday season never get to have the privilege of receiving any substantial gifts.  Most of the orphans will go Christmas without gifts.  I remember when I was finally adopted by two loving parents, Christmas time was a lot more fun and rewarding.  It got real old, real quick sharing a room full of other orphans after years.  Getting adopted was the biggest gift I could ever receive.  

santa claus christmas adoption

Looking back I feel especially sad for the young ones.  The younger kids have a lot more of a difficult time during Christmas than the older ones.  Not to say that the older teens don’t have a hard time.  Things become a lot more complex at a young age.  I was hit very hard when I finally realized I had no parents, and Santa wasn’t going to come to bring me presents.  I remember crying for hours in the bathroom until finally an older kid took me to the playground to level out my head.  When the older kid sat me down and told me what was going on, it took me awhile to accept the reality of the situation.  Most kids that aren’t adopted get hit hard by the situation that is at hands, and rebel.  I never wanted to be a bad kid that would rebel, causing me to get arrested or go to jail.  I always used those pent up feelings inside of me to generate momentum for whatever I wanted to achieve.

business world adoption
When I was older, after graduating from college I entered into the business world.  The business world is a scary place to be, especially right out of college.  I was different than a lot of the other orphans, in that later in my life I was adopted.  Many kids either get adopted young or never get adopted.  I seriously can’t complain about my adopted parents, they were great.  I always felt loved around them.  They truly looked after me when ever I was in a funk.  There would be days when I would come home from high school grumpy and they would have the ability to cheer me up.  Not only would they make me feel loved but they would constantly be giving me advice about school and success.  From a young age I always wanted to be successful.  I made it an obligation to become successful.   I was going to do whatever it took to be the best.  I’ll never forget what my adopted father told me in high school, “you can’t help being born poor, but if you die poor you could have done something about it.”