From Adoption to Success

There may not be very many stories of failures that succeeded in life, but nothing compares to the story of one of my childhood friends. When I was growing up I knew a kid named Steven. Steven was adopted, and had so many hardships and obstacles pulling down early in his life. For most people, they wouldn’t succeed in his circumstances. His parents were drug addicts in prison, his sister had died from a car crash, and Steven was left to die in the streets. Steven had all the odds stacked up against him. When your in that type of situation life becomes a roller coaster of emotions. A small percentage of people could ever get out of those life circumstances.

I had the opportunity to go to high school with Steven growing up. He was always well liked, and very friendly. I never had any problems with him. Never did he ever have problems with any other classmates. Steven, from what I can remember, always had a thing for engineering. It was something about the physical component he gravitated towards. When ever we had class together I would always see him writing or drawing new sketches. I never knew what he was drawing, but it al ways seemed like he had some ideas to write down or draw. He was clever, for never getting caught in class. A lot of the teachers in high school always wanted the students to pay attention to the lecture and discussion topic.

class room set up adoption

Steven was a sharp kid in high school. He was very fortunate that he had the chance to receive a academic scholarship to MIT. MIT was his dream school in high school. Whenever people would ask him, “what school do you plan on going to?” He would always respond with a smirk and say, “MIT.” It makes sense, MIT is the biggest engineering school in the country. A lot of people believed him, because he had so much conviction when it came to engineering. He ended up graduating high school a semester early, and leaving to go to MIT.

MIT college education

Seeing Steven the Christmas before he started at first semester at MIT was the last time I ever saw him. When I was in college, and even years after college I always wondered how he was. Never once did I see him at any high school reunions or parties. It was almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth. No one knew where he was or what he was doing at all. Little did we know, Steven was grinding his face off with a new invention he always thought of as a high school kid. He ended up creating the patent for the first ever point of view camera. Today, the Go Pro is the biggest point of view camera in the marketplace but it wasn’t that long ago when Steven was actually the first to think of the idea.

After his time at MIT, Steven revolutionized the camera industry. His vision was so clear about what he thought people were going to be using in the future. When it comes to cameras, a lot of people today own Go Pro type cameras. Steven must have thought everyone would own one in the future. I later found out that Steven ended up selling the patent to a large corporation for hundreds of millions of dollars. I guess it pays to grind. I read his story on an entrepreneur website. All this time, I had no idea what happened to him after college. Reading what he was able to do after MIT really resonated with me.

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Not only did the article on the business website go over what he was able to do in the camera industry, but it also stated how hard he was working. All throughout the article, there were statements like, Steven apparently never took a single day off work for seven straight years. When you think about that, very few people ever have the courage and discipline to work so rigorously. He had a mission and he wasn’t going to let any person or thing get in his way until he achieved it. This type of drive and life style is not common for people to experience in life. The ability for people to complete the goals they intended on accomplishing may be rewarding. Some people never accomplish the goals they initially had. Its very challenging to rise above everything that pulls you down in your youth. When life isn’t very nice to you, it may be difficult for people to rise above. Steven’s story certainly isn’t a normal one, but at least it puts you into perspective of how committed some people really are.