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The school year began shortly after, and the vibe in the house started turning from buddy-buddy, to him opening up to turning to me as his support system. I told him that as long as he had schoolwork or was actively learning, he didn’t have to help as much with chores, and to stay focused on achieving his goals. About a week into the school year after I told him this, he told me got his first job, and he wanted to pay for one of the bills.

During one of his escapades while I was at work, he took a bus to San Francisco to explore. He arrived in the downtown area and started exploring. On a whim, he saw a limo and followed it to where it appeared he had stumbled upon a wedding. When the group in the limo exited, he saw someone taking pictures, and approached the photographer. The boy is full of surprises, and he earned himself a job assisting a San Francisco wedding photographer. His first job was at a wedding at city hall that weekend. He even said I could come!

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I actually had stuff to look forward to now. The boy who was once basically a homeless stranger to me was now giving me the opportunity to create memories that I would not have had before. Adopting this kid had far more benefits than I had ever imagined it would.

I didn’t have wedding clothes prepared, because it had been years since my last wedding. Thankfully, where I lived, there were tons of opportunities to visit stores that had awesome styles and dress attire that I could wear for the wedding. I was mostly excited to see what my son was going to do for the ceremony, and how he dealt with it.

The day of the wedding, I dropped him off about an hour before anyone was to arrive and he told me to hang tight while he talked to his new boss. I had the opportunity to meet the young man, and he assured me that we were all in for a fantastic day.

growing upMy son helped organize the guests for pictures and managed the lighting while taking orders from the professional photographer. It definitely wasn’t this guy’s first wedding, and it seemed like he was almost robotic in the way he moved, and one of the family the way he was able to socialize. I could tell he was going to be a great influence¬†and someone my son looked up to.

For the length of the evening, the wedding was a delight. I was even invited to both the wedding and reception, and had the chance to socialize with many groups of people of different backgrounds. At the same time, I was admiring the hustle and work that the kid was putting into himself. He was a determined student, who never relinquished working. He seemed to want to be doing anything and everything he could to create a better life for himself, and I learned more and more that my role was going to be to just provide encouragement.

The boy was a teenage orphan, having never have been a part of a family for a lengthy period of time. He had taught himself how to do nearly everything in life, and he seemed determined to always look forward on what he can do next rather than looking into his past that was certainly a traumatic experience that I never would have wanted to live through. But that experience set him up to get to this point in his life healthily, and I knew that all he needed was encouragement and guidance. I was going to be his person that he would trust to indulge in with questions, fears, opinions, and stories, and he began to be the one to provide me with motivation to better my own life.

If you have the ability, and possibly need a little bit of encouragement in life, my experience has given me the opinion that many others who were in similar positions to mine could consider adopting a teenage child. Since they have not much more life to live that they can’t fully take care of themselves, it is a life commitment, but it’s not as financially damaging as you may think. It’s a good opportunity to give someone the life that they need while creating some changes in your life and giving you the chance to have a meaning and a purpose to this life, and give somebody else that same belief.