Lost Kids Throughout the World

adopting a childThe creation of life is sometimes not taken seriously by adults even after experiencing the creation and closeness of a mother and child at birth. Same goes for a father and child. While that one day may have been a beautiful and tender moment at one point in someone’s life, after life starts to happen day in and day out, people are given choices to make, and bad opportunities and experiences can cause a change in trajectory in someone’s life, and it a child’s life could begin to be damaged.

When mothers or father do not properly take care of kids, and abuse them physically, psychologically, or even just ignoring and not subjecting themselves to proper parenting, a child’s life becomes damaged.

Many children who have had traumatic experiences in bad home lives, the abandonment of parents, and those who have never had a family can only understand life from the experiences that they have had. And if there were serious experiences that negatively affected their lives, it takes a lot of guidance, help, and love to start to change that. 

United States statistics say there are currently 400,000 kids that are currently in the foster care system and are being put up for adoption by a family. This is a insanely huge number when put into the perspective of how many of those kids have had traumatic life experiences and could be using serious help to become societal functioning adults and positively impact the world. Too many kids brought up through the foster care system and growing up in orphanages have had experiences that can affect them for the rest of their lives and create negative problems that they will go through later.

All over the world, there are kids being raised without families, and there are not enough people to properly take care of them. Many nations rely on their government to help provide the youth with people who can take care of the children who have lost their parents and help give them somewhat functional and stable lives. But even then, there has not been nearly enough support and help for that to occur.

adoption parentsIn many countries over the past few decades, young children born in to families as perhaps unhealthy, unstable, or even the wrong gender of a baby that a parent or society wanted, and children weren’t even given the opportunity for survival. There have been horrific stories of people who abandon their children to die because they could not take care of it at all. Particularly countries where there is not a support system or an place where these children can be put just to give it an opportunity to make it.

Some people in first world countries have taken it upon themselves into adopting children from countries where if they did not adopt them, there is a good chance that the child would have died.

The world is somewhat seeming as if it is on the trajectory of cherishing a human life, and there is starting to be more support to get young orphaned and fostered kids more support and more that they need and there is more awareness being brought to the cause.

Hopefully more thought being given towards adoption causes will spurn more growth into people choosing to adopt a child  that needs a family to support them. Awareness is the most important thing to create a movement, and if we want the adopt a child movement to start, more talk needs to be done on this issue and there needs to be more discussion among the common people to get anything to move forward with

Visit adoption websites to see what else you can learn about adopting a kid, if you are interested. There are also tons of adoption forums around to look into, my favorite being some of the subreddits of reddit.com, some of which you can visit by going to my about page.

Thanks for reading and I hope this will help spread more awareness into the need for kids to be adopted by families.