The Lucky Adopted Ones

If you’ve ever seen movies about adopted kids at orphanages you will know how rough it is.  Not only are young kids neglected and never given fair opportunities, but they never feel the family love most kids experience.  It’s very hard to describe the common love most kids experience in life without living through it.  Most adopted kids rarely find true love in their foster families.  Many foster families have several different adopted children they take care of.  Sometimes the government is paying these foster parents to provide for the children because when you take on multiple kids it may be challenging to be financially strong enough.  Many people know that more kids means more expenses in simple terms.  When you take on more foster kids than you can support the government must step in to help out.

young orphans old time movie

I have a lot of respect for adults that for whatever reason decide to take on multiple foster children. Some adults bring kids into their families for various different reasons, but the most common is having the chance to love and have children.  Some gay couples decide to adopt, which I think is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes in sad circumstances adults are unable to have children for whatever reason.  Sometimes people have miscarriages or unable to ever get pregnant.  When a woman doesn’t have the ability to become pregnant, adopting babies at the local orphanage is the next best thing.  

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The best time to adopt a child in my experience is when they are babies, preferably when they’re in their first or second year.  When a kid is very young being adopted, you give the opportunity for the child to grow up normal just like any other child.  When you adopt younger, it’s hard for the young children to realize what their full potential is unless they’re in there natural environment. When you bring a kid into an environment that is different you will expect to see a different behavior pattern.  Many kids are put into situations to fight for their lives.  If you aren’t in a scenario where the instinctual fight or flight mode kicks in then you’re certainly more privileged.  Being in the foster system has taught me to become a lot stronger person in the face of adversity or troubled environments.  

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Sometimes kids in the foster system have the chance to live a life different than others.  I remember a young kid, when I was growing up in our orphanage, who got adopted by New York Banking parents.  I never saw the kid again, but his social media growing up in high school was insane.  I don’t know for sure, but it was rumored his foster parents were worth well over a billion dollars.  The kid could do anything at anytime with whoever.  He was raised in an empire unlike any.  When the boy became of age to go to college he opted out.  His foster parents were growing very old at the turn of his adulthood years.  Not only did he inherit the family fortune, but he took over the family business.  The family business was forever ingrained in his life.  New York City is a tough city to live in, let alone grow up in.  With so many people in such small space, competition and mental toughness is a necessity.  

young rich kid orphan adoption
The rich life in New York City is probably an unheard of experience.  The luxurious lifestyle one can have in the city with billions is without a doubt the craziest aspirations.  There are so many decisions and options a person can have with plenty of money to be handled.  To be born with parents that can fend for you, only to get adopted by billionaire bankers from New York is quite a life.  Although the young orphan I used to know may have all the material dreams he ever wanted, maybe he never found the true meaning of life.  Life isn’t always about having so many possessions to get lost in, sometimes it’s about the people you’re surrounded with.  If family is scarce then finding those that love you may be difficult.  It’s always troubling to come from nothing, but the drive never stops.